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Homes Designed for Comfort and Sustainability that blend with their Natural Surroundings

The villas and apartments are remarkably spacious designed with maximum comfort in mind. The Algarve has 300 days of sunshine per year and can be very hot in summer, but temperatures can drop radically at night in the winter months. Amyra Parque homes are equipped to deal with both extremes through exceptional insulation and air treatment technology.


Full length French windows opening onto substantial terraces and gardens make the very best of the climate and the surroundings.


The solar and wind powered energy storage systems provide a high degree of self-sufficiency, whilst the exceptional insulation of the properties ensure minimal wastage and reduced costs.


The increasingly precious resource of water is harnessed by the reuse of domestic grey water for irrigation and external cleaning where practical.

All rooms have large windows or sliding doors to take advantage of attractive countryside, garden or sea views.

Irrigation for the spacious grounds will be provided by captured and re-usable treated water along with a salinity reduction system.



A back garden of some 80,000 m2 with indigenous trees and shrubs, fig trees, carob, vineyard and a host of wild flowers throughout the year .


right at your doorstep

Living area

natural, modern materials
The spacious open plan design can be furnished and equipped from a range of high quality choices.


Indoor/Outdoor living is the predominant theme and comfortable, practical terrace and garden furniture is a must.

Living area

natural, modern materials

The villas and apartments have been designed in a way that takes advantage of natural lighting. Common areas are open plan, and lead out onto large terraces and garden areas.

Constructed using natural, modern materials that are over 40% more thermally and acoustically efficient than conventional buildings, the units are superbly comfortable and appropriate for both long- and short-term stays.




Without going to extremes and compromising comfort, the preservation of the site, energy and water conservation, reusable products, considerate waste disposal and organic gardening are priorities.




at the core

Amyra Parque is a car free zone but of course electric carts are available for all.”


at the core

clean, economical and safe energy

“Rest assured, every villa and apartment at Amyra Parque is fitted with premium environmentally-friendly appliances.”

Premium tech innovation has resulted in highly efficient solar panels that can generate electricity which are stored in batteries to be used when required. This will provide each villa and apartment with clean, economical and safe energy.

Waste treatment

Every year water shortages become an increasing concern. Agriculture is the greatest consumer of water in the Algarve. Amyra Parque aims to set an example by playing a small part with the installation of a highly efficient treatment plant for grey water from houses and public areas which can be repurposed for irrigation. Additionally, desalination of ground water can provide water for lakes and natural pools.

Cleaner air

A Heat recovery System, which is new to residential properties in Portugal, provides a fresh air flow to the homes at the ambient temperature of the interior.

The system employs the temperature of extracted air to regulate that of fresh incoming air in an energy efficient manner.

Apart from creating an extremely pleasant environment, the system has clear health benefits.

Smart homes

The villas have pre installation for optional  “smart home” packages which can monitor and control most electrical appliances in the property from a phone.

Call ahead and have the air conditioning and the lighting on and favourite music playing on arrival!





Sea View Apartments                            

1 -2 Bed

1st floor spacious apartments with large terraces and sea view

Starting from €445.000

Garden Apartments                                

1-2 Bed

Ground floor spacious apartments with terrace and garden

Starting from €435.000


2-3 Bed

Spectacular 2 and 3 bedroom villas with large terraces, optional private pool and 600m2 gardens

Starting from €795,000.00